전통 돌잡이 traditional doljabi

The highlight of a child’s 1st Birthday ceremony is called the Doljabi. The primary purpose of the ceremony is to bless the child with a prosperous future and a healthy life ahead.  돌잔치의 꽃인 돌잡이 세팅입니다. 우리 아이의 미래를 미리 점쳐보는 의식입니다.

Meaning of each Items (Every table set includes 6 doljabi items): Select from Stethoscope (meaning Doctor), Gavel (Judge), Coin (Blessing of wealth), Ma-pae (Blessing of high status and respect), Book (Scholar), Writing brush (Scholar), Thread (Blessing of longevity), Five color fabric (Blessing of dexterity), Bow and arrow (Intrepidness), Baseball (Pro athlete), Soccer ball (Pro athlete)


의자 돌잡이 (Traditional Chair Doljabi)